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Green Globe
Green Globe

Verantwoord ondernemen ten aanzien van natuur, milieu en duurzaamheid

Responsible business

We believe hospitality goes hand in hand with an environmentally friendly business. That is why we invest in facilities that make our hotels, restaurants and meeting rooms better and greener. In addition, we try to make our colleagues and guests aware of how they can deal responsibly with all aspects of energy consumption so that their CO2 emissions remain as low as possible. Think of the re-use of towels and bed linen.

Sustainable purchasing policy

Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht always strives for the most sustainable solution, including the entire purchase. We consciously buy in with an eye for people and the environment. With our purchases we check whether the products are responsible, honest and sustainable. We always look for the most sustainable options and see whether the product in question is also available in the region. Our purchasing policy is essential in our CSR policy. Through our procurement we can exert positive influence on our business environment. We try to reduce our waste as much as possible and, where possible, separate it in order to limit our impact on the environment as far as possible.

Green Globe
Green Globe is a global certification program for sustainable travel and tourism. It focuses on economic, social and environmental management. The Green Globe certificate can be found at accommodations, eco-tourism destinations, travel organizations and holiday resorts.

Inspections and checks are carried out by independent inspection. More than 1000 companies in 100 countries have a Green Globe Certificate. Green Globe's requirements relate to a well-functioning environmental management system, compliance with local environmental legislation, making a contribution to local nature and environmental protection, and providing employment to the local population.

Check our sustainability policy.